Georgia Teachers Get 50% Off HUD Home!

Georgia Teachers Wanted! Teachers have the opportunity to save 50% off the price of any HUD home, anywhere across the country. This special program, offered by HUD, seeks to revitalize certain areas across the country. This is a well funded program, and those funds could help you buy your first home today!

Teachers don't earn enough. It's the nature of the job. However, this free eBook can help any teacher get into a home that they never thought they could afford. Communities across the country are seeking certain types of professionals, such as police officers and teachers, to help improve the quality of life in those communities. HUD, the federal agency that helps communities do just that, often does its best to step in and help those communities improve. Unfortunately, like most government agencies, the rules, regulations, and paperwork can feel too intimidating and overwhelming for regular teachers who are already busy either finishing up their teaching degree, or teaching students and grading papers. Teachers need help getting into their '''home''' in a simple, easy to follow process.

Georgia Teachers Struggle to Own a Home

According to State of Georgia statistics from 2007, the average salary of a grade school teacher is about $44 thousand. According to BYOH.com, the cost to build a 4 bedroom, 2,838 square foot one family home costs about $240,735. For a more modest, already built home, State statistics report that in 2007 the average cost of a home in Georgia was $133,777. However, due to the fact that the average income in the state is just over $40 thousand, only 67.5% of the State's residents own a home. Over 30% of the state is forced to rent because they can't afford to live in a home.

According to State of Georgia statistics from 2007, the average salary of a Pre-K school teacher is far below the average state salary, around a paltry $30 thousand. At this salaray, teachers in Georgia could have a very difficult time buying a quality home in any neighborhood. If you are a teacher in Georgia and you've been looking for a home to buy, you know the challenges that prevent so many people from owning their own home.

Georgia Teachers Can't Afford a Home

Even if you are a grade school teacher and can qualify for a mortgage of about $170,000 in the State of Georgia, you will be faced with a monthly $1019.24, plus taxes and home insurance costs of an addition $200 to $300, for a total of $1319.24 a month. These are rates that anyone living on a teacher's salary would need to struggle hard to maintain. They are prices that a Pre-K teacher would likely not be able to afford at all. Use the calculator to estimate the estimated payments for your potential mortgage loan (don't forget to add a couple hundred for taxes and insurance.) In order to afford their mortage payments, Georgia teachers are forced to cut back on:

  • Their own groceries
  • Medicine for themselves or loved ones
  • Driving lower quality, older vehicles
  • Buying used clothes
  • Cutting back or eliminating self-funded school supplies

Mortgage calculator

It is easy to see why forcing teachers to struggle to own a home is never a good idea for any community. This is the motivation behind special HUD programs that help teachers save 50% off the cost of a home, and this is why we're offering a free eBook to help educate Georgia teachers about how they can take advantage of this amazing opportunity

Let HUD Cut Your Mortgage in Half

The reality is that, because you're a teacher in the United States, you and police officers make up elements in a community that help to improve the quality of life in that community. You bring educational value and excellence to neighborhoods that would otherwise fall by the wayside. You may even already rent an apartment in such a location, and you can buy a home today at half off it's list price without even changing the town where you live! This program is one of the only unique federal programs that can save you well over $50 thousand or more off the price of your next home. If you are a teacher with a decent income, just think of the amazing home you can purchase if you can get it for half of the list price. Get a home valued at $230 thousand for only $115 thousand. Get a home worth $300 thousand for only $150 thousand! If you are a teacher in Georgia, you can't afford to pass up this amazing opportunity.

Why? Because if you're considering buying a home and you don't read this free eBook today, you might as well roll up thousands of dollars in cash and throw it in the trash. This eBook outlines the program in simple and easy to follow steps, including how it works, where to get the forms and how to fill them out, and how you can most quickly get the funds that the government is offering to you for free. This eBook is focused on the rules, forms, and procedures for teachers in Georgia. Don't pay list price for your home, sign up to receive this FREE EBOOK with the techniques and methods you can use to take advantage of this unique HUD program to save 50% off the list price of your next home today!

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